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Yangshuo Discovery Tour

Summary & Features

Yulong River Bamboo Raft Cruise, Silver Cave, Big Banyan Tree Beauty Spot
US$ 50 per person

After breakfast, your local guide will pick you up at the hotel and accompany you to the Yulong River. This is a major tributary of the Li River that flows past many of the most beautiful Karst peaks surrounding Yangshuo. Rafts have always been a traditional form of transport in this region as locals used the river as a fast and convenient method to get from their home to market. With the growth of Yangshuo as a tourist destination, raft cruises have become increasingly popular with visitors seeking an authentic local experience. It is still the best way to see the river. Sitting on the raft, it is possible to enjoy a 360 degree view of this region's renowned limestone peaks.

The group will then proceed to the Silver Cave. This storied cave passes through twelve hills, though only a 2 kilometre stretch is open to tourists. This stretch consists of three parts - the lower cave, the grand hall and the upper cave. The stalactites here are beautifully formed, and have been praised by geologists worldwide. The stalactite formations have been named for their likenesses to famous icons. Look forward to enjoying the colourfully-named ‘Buddha Discussing on Buddhist Sutra', the ‘Pearl-decorated Umbrella' and the ‘Solitary Pillar Propping up the Sky.

After lunch the group will move on to the Big Banyan Tree beauty spot. Situated six kilometers outside Yangshuo, it is named for the ancient Banyan tree that dominates the landscape. Planted during the Sui Dynasty (581-618), it is famous partly because it served as the location for the Chinese film 'The Third Sister Liu.' It is said to be under this tree that The Third Sister Liu declared her admiration to her lover The A'niu.

To the south of the Big Banyan Tree is Moon Hill. A village under the hill offers you a glimpse of a life free from urban stresses and troubles. Set amongst hills steeped in rice paddies, this area is most beautiful when viewed through a fine mountain haze.

Return to the hotel. Your local guide will suggest a restaurant option and shopping destination for the rest of the day.

Today's activities end.

Price Includes

  1. Air-conditioned car
  2. English speaking tour guide
  3. Admission fee for the first entrance


Contact us for enquiries and to book this tour.

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